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We have a dream to become the number one furniture exporter in Indonesia, providing the best product quality and in accordance with customer expectations. Fostering good relationships with the customer we always do, we do it because we want to have a sense of family and togetherness as a business partner in order to forward our partnership goes well.

Dodik Ikhwanto – CEO


We started with a small company with a persistent and spirit want to achieve success by providing quality products and also superior. We believe our future will dominate the export market in Indonesia.



Our manufacturing process is done carefully and cautiously. With furniture craftsmen qualified and experienced we believe the products we offer have good quality and promising.

“Process of product”




The drying process is done by drying under the hot sun. This is done in order to obtain maximum results and also drying evenly. Jepara as the city whose territory is very close to the north coast of the island of Java it will be easy for us to get the temperature of the heat required for the drying process.



Our packaging process is done with extreme caution. With cardboard material selection to make products that we send secure way. We also pay attention to the quality standards which the packaging process in a professional manner and correct.



In the process of loading the container, the process of laying our stuff done neatly. By always pay attention to the size and space available makes the process of loading the container to get maximum results. The process of laying the goods carried by people who are professional and have the responsibility for the goods are placed. So it is important for us to maintain a commitment that the goods are delivered safely and to destination safely. Selection of the type of container also we noticed that we always put safety for the customer so that we can continue the culture of safety order.