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Custom Product

We are very focused on the details, research and product development we always do. We also always try to fulfill what the buyer wants. Product with the imagination of different from that usually is a challenge for us to create products that fit customer needs. So we deserve to give the best that we could do.
Republic Furniture Jepara also provides flexibility to the customer to be able to customize the products desired. We provide guidance and advice to our customers on quality where appropriate and feasible to be used as the material of manufacture. Customize can be made to the previously existing products or products that have not been our production and available on the market. Each buyer can choose from the type of wood to be used, the model or design on demand, packing and shipping process. All can be customized to the needs of the buyer.

Garden Product

Garden product is an excellent product, we have long engaged in this and also a lot of buyers are satisfied with our products. We will provide the best products that we have, of course, with the advanced quality and competitive price makes our products worthy of selection.
This is a best-selling product we’ve had, a wide range of buyers choose our products is because they believe we can provide the best that we can. We also believe that the request order customer confidence gives us a strength for us to continue working. Give the best we can and also can synergize well. You can choose which product you like and also you can bid on any product that must be special attention from you as a buyer. We deliver results because the results are the promise for us.

Indoor Product

Here you can see the various types of existing products. Various types of furniture for indoors found here. Beautify your room by adding furniture from our products. We will provide the best products available so that the look of your room becomes more elegant and also has a cozy atmosphere.
With more demand for garden products, we still remain solid to produce products with different types of course maintaining the quality and functionality. Indoor funiture as the second seed products after garden furniture also has a great interest for the majority of the buyer. We offer various types of products ranging from the many available in the market to customize products that will never be found in the market. We believe we will be able to compete with the products we offer.


We prioritize quality in terms of durability, color and type of wood we have chosen. Workmanship wholeheartedly by promoting good communication with the customer allow us to survive in an era of today’s furniture industry. Competitive price and reliable service which makes us believe that we can be a good partner in your business. Be a part of our business associates with the design and choice of product you like, we will strive to realize your dream to have a quality Teak Outdoor & Indoor Furniture Manufacturer Jepara Indonesia products and are able to make many people happy.